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Wild Tulips in Cyprus

Wild Tulips in Cyprus

The golden beaches and turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea are a familiar image of Cyprus, but the rich red botanical tulips found growing wild during the months of March and April are another jewel in the island’s colourful crown. With 140 endemic species of flora on Cyprus, including Tulipa Cypria also known as The Cyprus Tulip, and Tulipa Akamasica or Akamas Tulip, the island is a paradise for nature lovers and botanists alike.

Tulip Festival in Cyprus

Unfortunately, widespread use of pesticides and increased agricultural use has made the beautiful Tulipa Cypria a relatively rare sight over most of the island. However, an annual Tulip Festival held in the pretty village of Polemi in the Paphos region allows visitors to enjoy the once common and beautiful spectacle of these vivid blooms carpeting the landscape.

Formed in 2002 by The Tulip Club of Polemi in an effort to conserve and protect these unique tulips of Cyprus, the event has flourished into a calendar highlight. As well as being able to marvel at these striking flowers in all their natural glory during walking tours, visitors can enjoy some of Cyprus’ renowned hospitality with free wine, traditional song and dance performances, and of course, some delicious local dishes to accompany the festivities.

Botanical tulip bulbs thrive in Cyprus

The Cyprus Tulip is a botanical tulip, also known as a miniature tulip, and is characterised by its long, scarlet petals that feature a yellow-framed black splodge at the base, giving rise to the flower’s nickname ‘Eye of the Sun’. Botanical tulips are smaller in size, growing to a height of between 15-40cm. Botanical tulips thrive in warmer climates so are particularly well suited to Cyprus. They are hardy and naturalise easily, which means they will return year after year in greater numbers.

Where to buy wild tulips

Where to buy botanical tulips in Cyprus

Tulipa Cypria and Tulipa Akamasica are protected species and as such cannot be picked, nor their bulbs dug up for replanting or cultivation. Fortunately for miniature tulip enthusiasts, at DutchGrown™ we have a fantastic range of beautiful and colourful botanical tulips to choose from including such delights as the creamy yellow Batalinii Bright Gem, the fiery Little Princess and the exquisite Clusiana Peppermint Stick, amongst others.

Did you know that DutchGrown™ ships flower bulbs directly from Holland to Cyprus? Our top-sized tulip bulbs are shipped directly to your doorstep in Cyprus from our family farm in Holland, meaning you can celebrate your own Tulip Festival in your garden every year.

Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist
Meet Ben, our Flower Bulb Specialist

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