The crocus is an early-blooming low-growing flower, whose jewel-coloured petals can often be seen poking through the snow and hard icy soil at a time of year that other bulbs sit huddled underground waiting for warmer climes. These sweetly scented and delightfully pretty garden gems come in a wide variety of colours including purples, blues, yellows, orange and white, and are a welcome sign of the end of Winter and the promise of Spring, and brighter days, just around the corner. Crocus bulbs are also known as crocus corms.

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Crocus bulbs around the world

Crocuses are native to the Alps, southern Europe, and the Mediterranean but are found in many other parts of the world and thrive in a diverse range of climates, settings and landscapes, and you will find crocus plants can be just as at home in a garden in the UK as on a mountainside in Spain. At DutchGrown we have made sure to select only the highest quality crocus bulbs available, guaranteeing the best performance.

Crocus bulbs – more than just a pretty face

Crocus bulbs are incredibly easy to grow, making them popular with novice gardeners and expert horticulturists alike. Crocus bulbs multiply amazingly well, naturalise easily in lawns, and provide a welcome splash of early colour. Plant crocus bulbs in groups for the best effect as you will be rewarded with an ever-increasing carpet of colour year after year, although they are also ideal for containers, borders and rock gardens. Crocuses are also a huge attraction for bees and other beneficial pollinators.

Top-quality crocus bulbs for sale in the UK

At DutchGrown we have four generations of experience under our belt and have proven ourselves to be the number one choice for buying crocus bulbs online, whether you are looking to buy crocus bulbs in bulk or wholesale bulbs for large landscaping projects, or more modest numbers for gardens, patios, rockeries or containers and window boxes. Whatever your needs, you will find the crocus bulbs for sale at DutchGrown are of the highest quality and we only supply top-sized bulbs, ensuring optimum performance. Enjoy our superb collection, which also includes several carefully curated collections.