We are proud to have the largest online collection of peonies available in Europe! Choose from over 25 unique varieties of Peony Roots that we offer! 
All our peony roots are Top Size roots with 3-5 eyes!

Please take note: We start shipping the Peony Roots listed below by early October, ensuring they arrive in time for autumn planting. You can expect Spring/Summer blooms.

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  1. Peony All That Jazz

    Peony All That Jazz

    From €65,00

  2. Peony Coral Charm

    Peony Coral Charm

    From €7,90

  3. Peony Bartzella

    Peony Bartzella

    From €24,90

  4. Peony Coral Sunset

    Peony Coral Sunset

    From €9,95

  5. Peony Top Brass

    Peony Top Brass

    From €15,95

  6. Peony Primevère

    Peony Primevère

    From €15,95

  7. Peony Festiva Maxima

    Peony Festiva Maxima

    From €12,95

  8. Peony Kansas

    Peony Kansas

    From €14,95

  9. Peony Honey Gold

    Peony Honey Gold

    From €16,95

  10. Peony Sorbet

    Peony Sorbet

    From €7,90

  11. Peony Bowl of Beauty

    Peony Bowl of Beauty

    From €6,95

  12. Peony Buckeye Belle

    Peony Buckeye Belle

    From €9,90

  13. Peony Do Tell

    Peony Do Tell

    From €29,90

  14. Peony Red Charm

    Peony Red Charm

    From €14,95

  15. Peony Celebrity

    Peony Celebrity

    From €15,95

  16. Peony Shirley Temple

    Peony Shirley Temple

    From €8,50

  17. Peony Santa Fe

    Peony Santa Fe

    From €14,95