Camas, camas lily, quamash, Indian hyacinth, camash, Leichtlin’s Camass and wild hyacinth – Camassia bulbs are known by many different names. A member of the asparagus family and their bulbs once an important food source for Native Americans, these pretty, violet-spiked flowers have moved from the cooking pot to the garden bed as well as into the flower vase. Buy top-sized Camassia bulbs from DutchGrown
and discover why these lavender beauties are gaining the recognition they deserve.

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Easy to care for camassia bulbs

Camassia bulbs are highly valued due to their versatility, excellent naturalising properties and all-round great performance. Surprisingly, it’s only recently that Camassia flowers started to appear in the mainstream gardening world, but it wasn’t long before they started to gain the popularity they deserve. One of the best qualities of Camassia bulbs is their ability to naturalise so well and easily. Preferring well-drained soil high in humus, once planted Camassia bulbs require very little attention– you can more or less step back and leave them alone and they will happily come back every year, much to the delight of bees and other garden pollinators.

Where to plant Camassia bulbs

The beautiful Spring-blooming Camassia flowers are just as at home in lightly shaded forest areas, on rocky terrain, in both formal and informal garden and landscape settings, in beds, borders, and even public parks. They also do surprisingly well in moist soil so are a great choice for planting alongside ponds, streams and burns. Camassia flowers can be propagated in Summer when the plant is dormant - July is ideal. All you need to do is carefully remove the offsets that form round the main bulbs and then plant them in a suitable spot.

Buy top-quality Camassia bulbs from Holland

For the best-quality Camassia bulbs for sale, choose the carefully selected top-sized bulbs available at DutchGrown. We only supply top-sized bulbs for best performance. One thing to note is that Camassia bulbs do not perform as well when planted in pots and containers as they do not like to be restricted. Otherwise, these highly versatile and very attractive plants will grow happily and thrive in most settings.