Our Flower Bulb Quality

DutchGrown™ only ships top-sized flower bulbs

At DutchGrown™, we only ship top-sized flower bulbs. Smaller bulbs may seem a cheaper option at the outset, but in reality, the cheaper and smaller bulbs turn out to be a false economy. The reason? Quite simply, bigger bulbs perform much better. Top-sized bulbs produce larger and healthier flowers. Large flower bulbs produce sturdier stems that are more weather resistant, therefore less likely to wilt, droop or snap in wet and windy conditions. Also, large bulbs produce more vigorous and hardy plants. This in turn leads to a higher number of bulblets in bulbs that produce offsets, and overall better naturalising qualities.

DutchGrown Flower Bulb Sizes and Quality

Some companies do choose to sell smaller bulbs which means they can offer cheaper prices. These smaller bulbs will produce smaller flowers, which might be fine, but these flowers will be less dependable, less abundant, less showy and less vigorous. In the world of flower bulbs, you really do get what you pay for, and at DutchGrown™ we will never compromise on size or quality.

How are bulbs sized?

Bulbs have a minimum size and a larger ‘top-size’ (which is the size DutchGrown™ ships). A flower bulb is measured at its widest point, the girth, in centimeters.


Regular: 10cm
DutchGrown™ Top Size: 12cm+

For optimum performance, your tulip bulbs should be 12cm or more. This top size is the size DutchGrown™ ships. The difference between the performance of a regular-sized bulb and a top-sized bulb is pronounced.

There are some varieties of tulips that are exceptions to this rule as they naturally produce smaller bulbs and blooms.

DutchGrown Tulip Bulb Size and Quality

Daffodils and Narcissus

Regular: 12cm
DutchGrown™ Top Size: 15cm+

Although there is variation in this family, as a rule, dwarf varieties have smaller bulbs and the big trumpet varieties have larger. Bear in mind that bigger is always better regardless of variety, and in general, top-size bulbs will be 14-16cm.


Regular: 24cm
DutchGrown™ Top Size: 32cm+

The difference between the regular-size and top-size Amaryllis bulbs is enormous – as is the difference in performance. Amaryllis are supposed to be magnificent – so don’t scrimp on the size of your bulb. For the best, biggest and showiest display, you need bulbs with a 34cm diameter – and of course, that’s the DutchGrown™ standard.


Regular: 14cm
DutchGrown™ Top Size: 16cm+

These scented favourites should be at least 15cm, but for pot forcing 16cm+ is much better. Needless to say, DutchGrown™ ships only the biggest and best.

DutchGrown Hyacinth Bulbs Sizes and Quality

Other regular / top size bulb measurements


Regular: 7cm
DutchGrown™ Top Size: 9cm+

Large Allium

Regular: 18cm
DutchGrown™ Top Size: 20cm+

Medium Allium

Regular: 10cm
DutchGrown™ Top Size: 14cm+

Small Allium

Regular: 4cm
DutchGrown™ Top Size: 6cm+

Narcissus Paperwhites

Regular: 14cm
DutchGrown™ Top Size: 16cm+


Regular: 20cm
DutchGrown™ Top Size: 24cm+

Large Crocus

Regular: 7cm
DutchGrown™ Top Size: 9cm+

Botanical Snow Crocus

Regular: 4cm
DutchGrown™ Top Size: 5cm+

Crocus Sativus (Saffron Crocus)

Regular: 7cm
DutchGrown™ Top Size: 9cm+

Dutch Iris

Regular: 7cm
DutchGrown™ Top Size: 9cm+

Optimum bulbs produce optimum results

It cannot be stressed enough that the difference in performance between high-quality bulbs and cheaper, smaller bulbs is worlds apart. In the same way that the finest ingredients are key to creating the best dishes, it is the best-quality bulbs that are key to taking your garden and landscape to the next level.