Beautiful tulips! To many people tulips are the quintessential Spring flower. Whilst the original tulips came in a limited colour palette (mainly reds and yellows) and were smaller, now through careful breeding and hybridisation, you can find tulip bulbs for sale in myriad colours: white, pink, red, lavender, green, orange, purple even rainbow and ice cream, as well as in a variety of shapes and styles: double tulip, peony tulip and, of course, the exotic parrot tulip.

Explore the beauty of the DutchGrown tulip bulb collection, where you can buy top-quality varieties for your perfect spring display.

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  1. Tulip Blue Wow

    Tulip Blue Wow

    From €12,50

  2. Tulip Cabanna Parrot

    Tulip Cabanna Parrot

    From €8,30

  3. Tulip Rainbow Parrot

    Tulip Rainbow Parrot

    From €10,70

  4. Tulip Angelique

    Tulip Angelique

    From €8,90

  5. Tulip Queen of Night

    Tulip Queen of Night

    From €6,50

  6. Tulip Ice Cream

    Tulip Ice Cream

    From €17,40

  7. Tulip Sugar Crystal

    Tulip Sugar Crystal

    From €9,50

  8. Tulip Orange Flavour

    Tulip Orange Flavour

    From €9,90

  9. Tulip Daytona

    Tulip Daytona

    From €7,90

  10. Tulip Black Hero

    Tulip Black Hero

    From €9,50

  11. Tulip Angel's Wish

    Tulip Angel's Wish

    From €7,30

  12. Tulip Wyndham

    Tulip Wyndham

    From €9,90

  13. Tulip Akebono

    Tulip Akebono

    From €7,90

  14. Tulip Olivia

    Tulip Olivia

    From €9,50

  15. Tulip Amazing Parrot

    Tulip Amazing Parrot

    From €9,40

  16. Tulip Giant Peach™

    Tulip Giant Peach™

    From €15,00

  17. Tulip Avant Garde

    Tulip Avant Garde

    From €6,40

  18. Tulip Dream Touch

    Tulip Dream Touch

    From €12,50

Autumn Planting Bulbs

Thousands of varieties of tulip bulbs 

With over 3,000 registered varieties and 150 different species of tulips for sale, it is safe to say that anyone looking to buy tulip bulbs will be spoilt for choice. At DutchGrown™ we have carefully selected only the best tulip varieties and bulbs available, guaranteeing optimal performance. Whether your taste veers towards big, bright and blousy, or more modernist, monochrome or minimal, your will find tulips for sale at DutchGrown™ that exactly suit your style.

Tulip bulbs – one of the most popular flower bulbs

Tulips are relatively easy to grow. These undemanding beauties require little more than a sunny spot sheltered from strong winds and with good drainage. Many species naturalise easily and can be left undisturbed from one year to another, some even self-seeding. To ensure maximum tulip-loveliness, by selecting early-, mid- and late-blooming varieties you can have tulips blooming in your garden from very early Spring right through to the end of the season.

Buy top-quality tulip bulbs for delivery everywhere in Europe and the UK

At DutchGrown™ we have four generations of experience under our belt and have proven ourselves to be the number one choice for anyone looking to buy tulips, whether you are looking to buy bulk or wholesale tulip bulbs for large landscaping projects, or more modest numbers for gardens, patios or containers and window boxes. Whatever your needs, you will find the tulip bulbs for sale at DutchGrown™ are of the highest quality, and we only supply top-sized bulbs, ensuring optimum performance. Enjoy our amazing collection which includes many unique varieties and carefully curated collections, and discover for yourself the reason we are known throughout the industry as The Tulip Experts.

DutchGrown™ offers black tulips, white tulipsred tulips, unusual blue tulips, fun ice cream tulip bulbstall darwin tulips and more!

Tulip Renown Unique - DutchGrown UK Delivery

Tulip Renown Unique

From €9,50