Darwin Tulip Bulbs

The Darwin Tulip is a fantastic hybrid that was first introduced in the 1950s. Tulipa Darwin Hybrid came about as a result of a Dutch breeding programme, and is a cross between single late tulips and early emperor tulips. It is this parentage that has resulted in the large, shapely blooms and tall, sturdy stems that Darwin Hybrids have come to be renowned for.

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Darwin tulip characteristics 

Darwin Tulips are one of the tallest tulips, making them the best tulip for cut flowers. Tulipa Darwin Hybrid are known for their big squarish shaped blooms that sit atop sturdy stems that can grow to an impressive 50-70cm tall, and they are available in a huge spectrum of bold colours including red, orange, yellow, pink, apricot and purple, and may be striped, have flames, feathers, or colourful accents. Many Darwin Hybrid Tulips are scented, and some even have ruffled petals. Tulipa Darwin hybrid bulbs are very easy to grow.

What is special about Darwin tulips?

In addition to their beautiful blooms and the myriad colours available, the statuesque Darwin Hybrid Tulips are prized and valued for their superior performance and incredible hardiness. Their sturdy stems stand up to wind and rain and the blooms are heat and cold tolerant. Additionally, Darwin Tulips are long-lasting, and very versatile - growing just as well in partial shade as in full sun. The Darwin Tulip is known as the perennial tulip because of its excellent naturalising properties, returning year after year in greater numbers. 

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