Discover our finest selection of bare root Hosta plants. Our handpicked assortment of Hostas offers a delightful array of colours, textures, and sizes to suit every landscape. 

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  1. Hosta White Feather

    Hosta White Feather

    From €4,95

  2. Hosta Whirly Pop

    Hosta Whirly Pop

    From €6,95

  3. Hosta Patriot

    Hosta Patriot

    From €6,95

  4. Hosta Hands Up

    Hosta Hands Up

    From €5,25

  5. Hosta Bullet Proof

    Hosta Bullet Proof

    From €5,95

  6. Hosta Fire and Ice

    Hosta Fire and Ice

    From €3,75