Reliable, sturdy, and charming in both appearance and fragrance, Phlox has a cherished spot as a favoured and low-maintenance selection among gardeners. With their enduring blossoms and exceptional ease of cultivation, Phlox truly shines, offering your garden splendid mid-summer colours without any hassle. Our Phlox are shipped as bare roots in the springtime.

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  1. Phlox Orchid Green

    Phlox Orchid Green

    From €4,95

  2. Phlox Mix

    Phlox Mix

    From €14,75

  3. Phlox Cool Water

    Phlox Cool Water

    From €4,95

  4. Phlox Amethyst

    Phlox Amethyst

    From €4,95

  5. Phlox Pina Colada

    Phlox Pina Colada

    From €4,95

  6. Phlox Anastasia

    Phlox Anastasia

    From €4,95

  7. Phlox Alexandra

    Phlox Alexandra

    From €4,95