Anemone Fullstar Pastel Mix

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Forget the ordinary, these Anemone Fullstar Pastel Mix bulbs are anything but! Imagine soft pinks, dreamy blues, and calming mauves all bursting forth in a delightful dance of colour. Each bloom is a miniature pompom masterpiece, with a profusion of petals that unfurl into a truly stunning display.

These anemones aren't just beautiful, they're delightfully low-maintenance too! Easy to plant and care for, they'll reward you with a vibrant show from late spring right through early summer. Their finely divided, fern-like green leaves add a touch of elegance, while the blooms themselves are a magnet for butterflies. Bonus – deer tend to leave them alone, so you can enjoy their beauty worry-free.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a gardening newbie, the Anemone Fullstar Pastel Mix is sure to steal your heart. They thrive in borders, containers, or even as cut flowers to bring a touch of springtime magic indoors.

• Easy To Grow
• Popular Cut Flower
• Dispatch in autumn

Planting information

· Plant your flower bulbs in autumn

· Plant in borders or containers in sun or partial shade

· Plant the bulbs three times the size of the bulb deep

· Space the bulbs two times the size of the bulb apart

· Plant the bulbs with the pointed side facing upwards

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For over 4 generations, DutchGrown™ has built its reputation by offering the best Autumn-planted flowers bulbs available anywhere. We take pride in our exceptionally high level of quality control customer service, and our commitment to client satisfaction continues long after the bulbs leave our premises. When you order from DutchGrown™, we 100% guarantee that you will receive the hardiest flower bulbs available, packed with care and ready to thrive in your garden. Read more.

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